Monday, July 2, 2012

The Nest

As soon as I reached full term the thought entered my head that my house was, in my mind at least, a disaster zone.  I absolutely could not stand the idea of going into labor and coming home to a messy house.  So this weekend commenced operation "Prepare the Nest" and it was a huge success.  Katie and Zach even came over and devoted an entire Saturday to helping us put things in order and the house looks amazing.  I feel so much more at peace now and a giant step forward toward feeling ready for the birth.  In addition to general cleaning, we managed to accomplish the following:

Cleaned all the floors
Addressed and Sent Thank you Cards
Washed and dried all the diapers for first time use
Cars cleaned out, Washed & Vacuumed
Car Seats Installed
Finishing touches applied to new patio furnishings
Pulled small bookcase into nursery and rearranged and organized books
Acquired new drains for the kitchen sink
Completed all the laundry in the house
Clean sheets on the beds
Opened and sorted weeks/months of mail & paper work
Finished all the shredding
Final items from the office conversion put in storage
Exercise bike moved back into the spare bedroom
Bassinet moved into the master bedroom
Purchased new summer bathrobe for nursing
Returned a nursing tank to Target that didn't fit
Picked up Baby Shower Gift for a friend
Got 5 inch lifts for the spare bed to increase storage space and access

And in between all of that we still managed to eat some awesome meals, spend some quality time on the porch with the dogs, and have one of the best Sunday Afternoon naps I can remember in a long time.  My heart has been ready for Caitlyn for a while, but now my mind and body are too.  Now I just have some "housekeeping" things to try to accomplish at work over the next couple of days which will help prepare THEM for Caitlyn's arrival.  And then we'll just have to see now that things are in ready mode if I can keep everything in order until she decides to join us.