Sunday, January 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home

It's official. After a five year hiatus of moving around and chasing our dreams, Don and I have finally migrated back to Bellingham, Washington. We have determined that without a doubt, this is the place we want to settle. This is the place that we call home. It's a fitting time too, as we turn the clock to a new calendar year, we start a new life. We have a lovely home. I have the opportunity to work remotely. And Don is pursuing some very exciting opportunities for his career.

So, those of you who know me by now, know that with new adventures comes a new blog. Our new blog, appropriately titled, "BellingHome," will be dedicated to the ideals and philosophies that called us back to this place which could pretty much be summed up in the phrase Local Organic Living. Environmental Stewardship is at the forefront of our thoughts these days. We've recently converted to organic produce and pasture raised, hormone free meats and dairy products by the extremely well done documentary movie called "Food, Inc." Watch it! You deserve to know the secrets corporate foodies are trying to keep hidden about our daily food supply.

We're also trying very hard to be conscious of our own waste and conservation of resources. And whenever possible, our aim is to buy local and support local businesses. We've signed up for weekly deliveries of organic produce from Dandelion Organic Produce and have decided to buy all of our meat and dairy products from the Community Coop. We've also started a wine tasting group on dedicated to the exploration of Northwest Washington wines and wineries. We are also planning to get out and explore this gorgeous habitat through it's numerous parks and nature trails and eagerly look forward to some spring and summer camping posts.

We hope you enjoy our new blog for our new life. While these adventures represent our life in Bellingham, these principals can be adopted wherever you live. Enjoy!

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