Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Good Trimester

17 weeks today. The second trimester is glorious. I feel better and things taste better. This is very important to me. Tonight we had a glorious dinner of coconut rice with beef stir fry. So delicious! I told the baby he/she better like Thai food because we are eating this!

I am definitely showing these days. I have a single pair of maternity pants right now which are sweats that I am pretty much wearing every day now since I work from home. Still trying to get by with my regular jeans and a bodyband for going out but that's quickly going to come to an end. Anyday now I'm suppose to be able to start to feel the baby move and I am so excited for this. As of yet though, still no signs that I can recognize. I sometimes even lie there really still at night and focus and try to see if I can detect anything. Nothing. I guess it will happen when it happens.

The countdown has begun to the 20 week mark which is the halfway point and also the time we will finally get to find out if we are having a boy or a girl. We set our appointment for March 1st. I'm so excited to actually have it on the calendar to look forward to. The first few months seemed to go so slow but now they are starting to feel like they are whizzing by.

The serious nesting began a couple of weeks ago. We've decided our grand plan is to convert my current office in our master bedroom suite to the nursery and consolidate our offices into one where Don's office is now. We started with a giant clean out of the shed to make room for some extra storage and free up closet space that we will need once the baby is born. Don's office still has a lot of cleaning and organizing to go but we've already determined that DG is finally getting it's own storage unit so we can unload all of those file boxes that we have been carrying around with us taking up valuable real estate in our lives for the past 6 years. We've also taken a few trips to the dump and the goodwill drop off. It feels so good to organize, consolidate, purge, and only store seasonal items that we plan to actually use or keepsakes that have actual significance and importance to us. Everything else is gone, gone, gone.

Anything I can identify as a large ticket item I've been posting on craigslist and we are hoping to make enough money from the sales to cover the costs of our projects. So far I've made $115. We're also planning on taking some books to the used bookstore and hopefully make a couple of bucks there too, although we are not expecting much. But at least it will free up more space. Eventually we also need to get rid of the second fridge to make room for strollers and high chairs and the like. We're thinking of replacing with a small chest freezer for meat storage, but then we also really need to replace the main fridge with a side by side fridge as is it's too small. That's a lower priority project so likely won't happen until closer to summer time. The good thing about starting early with the nesting is that I have a long time to browse craigslist and shop for the really good deals rather than having to rush out and get what's available.

In other second trimester news, according to the pregnancy websites I follow, our baby can now hear and recognize our voices. I came up with the bright idea of Don and I reading books outloud to each other at least a little bit every night so that the baby can start to bond with our voices. It is so much fun and I love it. It's all I want to do now. Goodbye television! We're starting with a couple of books by Marcus Borg called Speaking Christian and The Heart of Christianity. Reading Theology together is fun because we can read it and then discuss and I wonder how many intellectual/spiritual/intimate conversations we will get to have together just the two of us once the baby is born. Eventually though I also want to add in some fiction fantasy like The Hobbit and maybe Game of Thrones series.

HOLD THE PHONE: I think the baby's moving. When it feels like something just did a somersault in your stomach, that's the baby right? Maybe Baby Early really does like Thai food!

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  1. Squee! Oh that's so awesome! I remember the first time feeling little guy move, and it felt like a fish swimming in a fish bowl. Sometimes like butterflies. EXCITING!!

    Matt has been the grand master of cleaning out our house. He worked on the garage for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon, and there is so much SPACE now. He also went to town with our new document shredder. We made excellent progress early on, and then took a break. We are now in the "oh crap" mode of getting everything done, specifically because he'll be shooting JQ2 right before I hit full term on March 15 (which he loves to point out is the ides of March).

    I agree, I love getting rid of stuff too. All the things we kept in storage those years we lived in LA...most of it is GONE. There is less clutter, less piles. And this weekend I'll be cleaning out my dresser for the third time! I have to remind myself not to clean out my closet again, because while those clothes no longer fit right now, they will someday! :)