Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Morning Reflections of a Pregnant Woman

Yikes. The lower back pain has really started flaring up the last couple of nights. I know I'm carrying a lot of extra weight in front and probably overcompensating with my lower back. But I don't feel much discomfort during the day. It's the not being able to lie on my back at night that really aggravates it. Laying on my side all night with hips and spine out of alignment really kills me by midnight. I will probably have to break down soon and by the savior body pillow all my pregnant friends have been telling about. For now I'm still trying to see what I can do to self mitigate that doesn't cost a ton of money. If I get up and spend an hour or two in the recliner at night that helps straighten everything back out a bit. But not so great for quality sleep. I also picked up a maternity bathing suit at the consignment store and plan to start water aerobics this week. And a friend is mailing me a prenatal yoga DVD that I'm hoping will really help loosen things up. Let's see, only five more months of this to go right?

In more exciting news, the count down is on to our 20 week ultrasound coming up on March 1st. I really can't say I have a gender preference at this point. I can get excited about either or but at this point, we just can't wait to find out. Should be a pretty exciting week.

Don has had a busy work week this week and three appointments today so I get the house to myself. So much cleaning and organizing to do. We got way behind this week on household chores. Our second fridge also broke which was storing all of our meat. I was able to save it in time and get all the essential items transferred over to our main freezer but things are crammed and I have a major fridge cleanout on my hands to deal with today.

My craigslisting is going extremely well. Turns out it's really easy to sell things on craigslist when you are home ALL THE TIME. I'm surprised by how many day time sales I've made just by working from home and being available for spur of the moment purchases. So far we've been able to pick up a couple of bookcases, a very nice microsuede glider and ottoman for the nursery, and a new kindle, and I'm still $50 ahead at this point. I still have about $100 worth of merchandise listed at this point and once we finally consolidate our offices I'll probably have another $150 to list. On my wishlist to obtain still are a quality jogging stroller and a crib. So I'm thinking we're in just about the right spot to accomplish everything I was trying to do.

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