Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Latest Happenings

I'm throwing down a new goal for myself to put out two new blog posts a week even if they are only a short paragraph.  Already six months have flown by and I wish I had captured more of life with a growing infant.  I'm also a little discontent with Facebook which has been the much quicker easier way to do short updates and keep up with friends and family across the globe.  But there is so many junk posts to weed through to find the information I really care about that makes it less and less gratifying and more of a time suck.

Caitlyn is ON THE GO.  She has graduated from military crawl to full on hands and knees and yesterday started to attempt pulling herself up on things.  She can't get to a full stand yet but she sure is trying.  In fact, she is so much on the go that she is a little behind sitting up unassisted because, well, that's boring!

In matters of speech she has picked up two new consonants which she strings together - Mah Mah Mum Mah Mummmmm and Bah Bah Buh Buh.  Every once in a while she also gives us a clear Mmbop.  The Mama just melts me even though we don't think she has tied the actual meaning to the sound yet.  But it still is the most beautiful sound I've heard.  She also loves to blow air through her lips like she's playing the trumpet.  Bphhhhhhhh!

Last weekend we bought her an exersaucer.  We took her down to the consignment store and tried out all there different models.  She liked the cheapest one.  Good Girl!  She loved it instantly and bounces like a pogo stick in it with the hugest grin on her face.  That is the one word besides milk that I know she recognizes for sure now.  Anytime I look at her and say "Bounce" she starts bouncing whether she is in her exersaucer, on my lap, or crawling around on the floor.

She is still a night owl and thinks that when she goes to bed at 7:00 and wakes up an hour later that this was a nap and it's time to get up and play again.  She nurses a lot at night too and it gets to be a bit much sometimes in the moment but the next day once I'm up and about I am glad for the time and closeness with her at night and get the sense that we're doing the right thing for our family.   Every once in a while I have a low energy day where I definitely need some catch up sleep, but on a daily basis I do not feel like I'm operating on a huge deficite. I just think of it as my nightly oxytocin recharge.

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