Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter Sport

Don, Caitlyn, and I all had our first experience snowshoeing this weekend.  It was a fun trip up to the mountain.  Since we don't ski, this is something we've been wanting to try as a way to go play in the snow now and again.  Luckily, we have great friends who were able to lend us all the gear we needed (Thanks Katie, Zach, Chris & Jessica!).  And of course we wouldn't think of leaving Caitlyn at home.

We arrived at the mountain and got all tucked in our gear.  Into the ergo she went and as soon as she started moving she fell right asleep in her own little toasty winter wonderland.  The lunch break was interesting trying to nurse in the snowy weather underneath all those layers but Caitlyn loved that too.  We did end up cutting our intended path a little short due to weather and some gear issues but we learned a lot.  The way back down the mountain she cried and was mostly soothed by singing this Little Light of Mine which we got stuck in everyone's head.  I think she got a little cold and was done with being stuffed in a sack.  But it was all worth it when we got back down to the ski lodge and got to watch all the people shuffling around in the big echoey building.  I'm proud of my little girl and proud of us as parents for getting out and adventuring!

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  1. Cindy! I ADORE the one of you and Caitlyn. Precious. Love love love.