Friday, August 9, 2013

Look at me. I'm setting a goal!

The Goal

Prepare delicious, healthy, nutritionally dense meals for my family and have fun doing it.

The Plan

1.  Review published list of upcoming CSA delivery.
2.  Do a google search of recipes for each item focusing on google images for inspiration.
3.  Create a meal plan for the coming week.
4.  Prepare grocery list.
5.  Go grocery shopping.
6.  Do not show the list to Don.  Each night will be a surprise.
7.  Prepare and photograph meal.
8.  Eat Dinner as a family.
9.  Post blog about our meal.


Indications of success include using up all food in organic deliveries before they go bad.


I will treat myself to a new piece of quality cookware for every 100 blog posts of homemade meals.

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