Sunday, July 12, 2015

Coming Back to Cooking Light

I've decided to get back on the Cooking Light wagon again.  Cooking Light set the pace for us in our dining habits since early on in our marriage and was instrumental in meal planning and cooking preparation for almost the first decade of our togetherness.  The first couple of years of parenthood with two parents working full time definitely drained a lot of the former creativity and inspiration I took from the kitchen.  Now that we have an almost three year old with a little more capability and a little more time and energy I've decided to come back to my roots.

I thought about lots of different monumental goals I could set for myself like A Year of Cooking Light or 100 recipes in 100 days or something that look and sound really impressive.  But really this is a much simpler scenario of I have acquired a bunch of cookbooks that I love and I want to get back to finding fun in the kitchen and making family dinners the cornerstone of our sacred time together.  

So I figure I'll snap a few photos, share our meal plans, review some recipes, and maybe even suggest a few table fellowship ideas.  And, for every 25 recipes I post/try, I'll reward myself with something cool.  

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