Sunday, April 4, 2010

Split Pea Soup with Rosemary and Pear and Walnut Muffins

It wasn't your traditional Easter dinner, but it had Don and I salivating nonetheless. We opted for homemade Split Pea Soup and made from scratch Pear and Walnut Muffins. I'm a great fan of Split Pea Soup and it couldn't be easier to make. Not to mention it's quite economical. The primary ingredients are the split peas (obviously), carrots, onions, and stock. The variations come with the seasonings. Ground Sage and a dash of cayenne pepper for kick are quite typical. This recipe from Cooking Light called Split Pea Soup with Rosemary, attracted me for it's interesting and unusual flavor components such as rosemary, paprika, tomato paste and soy sauce. We also added our own touch by substituting our homemade chicken stock for vegetable broth, and added about a half a cup of diced canadian bacon to the mix which gave it an excellent salty and smokey edge. Instead of garnishing with sour cream, Don and I prefer the tastier and healthier option of plain yogurt. For a complete printout of the recipe, please visit

The Pear and Walnut Muffins were also quite a treat. While we cook a lot in this household, we don't seem to get as excited about baking. The leftover fruit from our weekly Dandelion deliveries, however, is starting to challenge me to think of new ways to enjoy nature's sweet treats. So with the abundance of pears I had in my fridge, and realizing I can't make cobbler every week, I decided to try these low calorie muffins, also a Cooking Light Recipe. Instead of using tons of butter and oil, the recipe calls for a cup of plain lowfat yogurt for the primary wet ingredient and incorporates both white and wheat flour making it delicious and satisfying. Please visit for a copy of the full recipe.

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