Monday, August 12, 2013

#3 - Braised Cabbage

Don worked a marathon 12 hour day today so the little girl and I got to have an evening by ourselves.  It feels pretty good that I managed to pick her up from daycare, make a home cooked meal, get all the chores done, get her down by myself, and even have quality play time together.  I still remember a time not so long ago when I was terrified for Don to leave the house and have to handle this parenting thing all on my own for a bit.  My how we have progressed.

For dinner tonight, I made delicious braised cabbage served with Apple Chardonney Chicken Sausages from Trader Joes.  I let Caitlyn "stir" the pot while it cooked.  (She really sucks at this by the way but she loved it!)  While we waited for it to braise, we played a bit with the toys.  I showed her an old train set that Grandma and Grandpa Messler brought up with them when they visited in July.  It has a string so that you can drag it along the floor behind you and listen to the wheels click and clack.  Well she thought that was just great!  So we walked around the room with her holding my hand in one and the train string in the other.  The train flopped around behind her like a fish out of water of course.  Then she decided it would be easier to hold the string in one hand and the train in the other rather than dragging it so she carried it around the room walking on her own.  I just love how she has determined that you are supposed to walk around with the train and totally lost the dragging it by the string part.  It was so cute!  

Here is the recipe for the Braised Cabbage.  The beer I used this time was Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale and it really hit the spot.  Talk about comfort food!  Caitlyn even ate some but she had more fun playing with it and smearing it around her high chair than eating it.  She did really love the chicken sausages though.  Guess we'll be stalking up on those.

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